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offthegrid is a creative motion design studio based in Seoul. We're 3d artists and storytellers who fuse inspiring 3d art and effective motion with your brand's core value to create contents and film that’s creative, innovative and ambition.

notitled cosmetics

notitled cosmetics project has focused on the aesthetic qualities of curved through the repeated twisted of curves. We have designed this liquid lipstick with the essence "beauty of the most perfect curve" and created it with motion graphics. 

The beauty of the curve and the contemporary material were intended to show the modern design of the lipstick. Throughout the beauty and contemporary material of the curve, we wanted to show the beyond generation design of liquid lipstick.


This project is for portfolios and is not for commercial purposes.


A Project by 

offthegrid for portfolio.


Design, Art Direction, Animation : 

Kim yong-hoon, Kang ho-il 


Music & Sound Design: 

Trippin Instrumental - stevie ross


SFX : orofersound (Artyom Yakovlev)

32, Dongho-Ro 11-Gil, 3F

Jung-gu, Seoul,

Republic of Korea


+82 10 8648 1324

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