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offthegrid is a creative motion design studio based in Seoul. We're 3d artists and storytellers who fuse inspiring 3d art and effective motion with your brand's core value to create contents and film that’s creative, innovative and ambition.

Hyundai card - MX Black

M의 적립과 X의 할인을 넘어 혜택에 대한 욕망을 끝없이 올리다 보면 블랙의 경지에 이르게 되지

혜택의 블랙 라벨 MX Black

현대카드에서 MX Black 에디션을 출시하면서 3D 파트를 제작하였습니다.


A Project by 

offthegrid for Hyundai Card

Card design - Hyundai Card

Production - Longblack

2D - DO Post

 3D - offthegrid

32, Dongho-Ro 11-Gil, 3F

Jung-gu, Seoul,

Republic of Korea


+82 10 8648 1324

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