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offthegrid is a creative motion design studio based in Seoul. We're 3d artists and storytellers who fuse inspiring 3d art and effective motion with your brand's core value to create contents and film that’s creative, innovative and ambition.

Kakao Bank Business card Promotion

Kakao Bank's Sole proprietorship Account service allows you to quickly open an account without submitting separate documents and easily manage business funds.
Kakao Bank introduced a new Sole proprietorship Account service on November 1st, and offthegrid was in charge of producing 3D objects used in this service.

카카오뱅크 개인사업자 통장 서비스는 별도의 서류 제출 없이 빠르게 계좌를 개설할 수 있고, 손쉽게 사업 자금을 관리할 수 있습니다. 
카카오뱅크는 지난 11월  개인사업자 통장 서비스를 새롭게 선보였으며, 저희 오프더그리드는 이번 서비스에 사용되는 3D 오브젝트들의 제작을 담당하였습니다.


A Project by 

offthegrid for KAKAO

32, Dongho-Ro 11-Gil, 3F

Jung-gu, Seoul,

Republic of Korea


+82 10 8648 1324

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