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offthegrid is a creative motion design studio based in Seoul. We're 3d artists and storytellers who fuse inspiring 3d art and effective motion with your brand's core value to create contents and film that’s creative, innovative and ambition.

Choi's MU:onoff promotion film

Choi's MU:onoff project is a blockchain project that creates digital objects in conjunction with real objects and provides a platform-hopping service that enables asset and item compatibility between all platforms regardless of the presence or absence of blockchain technology.
OFFTHEGRID have created Sapphire, Ruby, and Bitcoin parts.

Choi's MU:onoff 프로젝트는 디지털 오브제를 실물과 연동하여 제작하고, 블록체인 기술 유무와 상관없이 모든 플랫폼 간에 자산 및 아이템 호환이 가능한 Platform-Hopping 서비스를 제공하는 블록체인 프로젝트입니다.
저희 오프더그리드는 사파이어, 루비, 비트코인 파트를 제작했습니다.


A Project by 

offthegrid for Choi's MU:onoff

Production - SideMirrorPictures

our role - Sapphire / Ruby / Bitcoin

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